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LEGO Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver


this is my LEGO sonic screwdriver from doctor who. it is the one from Matt Smith (the 11th doctor) and Peter Capaldi (the 12th doctor). it was the best i could make and it is as scaled as posible.


the sonic is made as realistic as posible and is very detailed. the hold is designed by my self what was very hard, but i made it so you can put down the screwdriver on it. it also has a sign were you can put a sticker on it with information about sonic screwdriver. you may notice that the bottem of the stand is the same one of the stand of the slave 1 set. you may think that the set is a 16+ set, but it isn't. it is actually a very easy build. i just wanted to make a collecter item for the whovians. that it is a collector item doesn't mean that you can't play with it, so it can even be popular with the kids. i made the top of the sonic with bronze brickes to make it even more realistic. i hope that you like this and if you do, support it.


i know LEGO has made a Doctor Who set already, but i wanna see a hole Doctor Who LEGO theme. i mean they have done that for minecraft (what also started with a LEGO ideas project).

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