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Indiana Jones: Great Moments


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Embark on some of Indiana Jones' greatest moments from the films! Or start your own journeys! This set includes scenes from three of the Indiana Jones films, namely:

  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • The Last Crusade
  • Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Indiana Jones and Marion were just imprisoned in the Well of Souls! Help them through the ancient ruins, and out of the trapdoor to chase down the German truck!

This scene includes:

  • Well of Souls segment (Includes snake-dropping trap door, and secret exit!)
  • Horse
  • 6 snakes
  • Semi-truck (Push the back bumper to blast the truck's bed and roof into the air!)

The Last Crusade

Indiana and his father Henry Jones Sr. have just escaped the clutches of the enemy, and have found themselves in their captor's garage. Help the Jones' escape on either a motorcycle or boat before the soldiers catch up!

This scene includes:

  • Movie accurate garage (Features articulated door, tools, shelves, and a chain post!)
  • Motorcycle with sidecar (Features interchangeable parts!)
  • Standard motorcycle
  • Motorboat
  • 3 interchangeable engine boosters (For use with the motorcycle with sidecar!)
  • Stand for the flag

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Irina Spalko and Colonel Dovechenko are escaping with the Crystal Skull! Hop into the car-boat and retrieve it!

This scene includes:

  • Movie accurate car-boat
  • Enemy car (Features a tool mount!)
  • Crystal Skull

Minifigures include:

  • Indiana Jones
  • Marion Ravenwood
  • Henry Jones Sr.
  • Mutt Williams
  • Colonel Dovechenko
  • Irina Spalko
  • 2 German Motorcycle drivers
  • German Truck Driver
  • Skeleton
  • Horse
  • 6 snakes

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