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This is my lego version of the avatar the last airbender "jet" episode were they stumble upon a fire nation camp and are rescued by the Freedom fighters

Please support and maybe this can become a real set one day!

Here are all the 8 minifigs including.

the Duke, Longshot, Aang, a Fire Nation solider, a firebender, Jet, Sokka and Katara.

(The Duke is shorter in picture three.)

Here is the set, a fire nation camp that includes,

a forest, a tent, a fire nation flag and 3 torches

Here is a close up of the 3 "Freedom Fighters"

The Duke, Longshot and Jet.

Here is the first "team avatar"

Aang, Sokka and Katara.

Thank you for looking at my project, Please support and maybe this will be a real project one day!

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