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Shelby Cobra 427


Welcome to the legendary Shelby Cobra 427! This coupe was the fastest car for it's day in the 1960's. The model does include some functions, which are working steering from the steering wheel, and an opening hood. it is scaled at 1:17, which allows numerous details to be included, such as the fire extinguisher situated in between the two seats, the iconic round gill at the front(done with fenders),a V8 engine in the front, and even bumper guards in the front and back. Plus, you can't beat that blue stripe.

I think this would be an excellent product for Lego ideas, because of the sleek curves all over the body. It would  provide a new, interesting build for many. It also adds some new building techniques to the Lego world. I would love to see this as an official Lego set, and you can help.

Thanks for supporting!

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