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Hank Pyms Laboratory


This is a design of a lab used by Hank Pym while he tries to find out if Janet is still alive after going sub atomic (it isn't based of the film or comic books) it includes a desk where he can look at notes and books about going sub atomic,it also has some blueprints of the wasp suit and regulator on the wall, it has a raised area where he has a microscope with sub atomic zoom so he can search for traces of life it has a control panel attached to. by the microscope there is a glass cylinder (opens at back) with the ant man suit inside (small version printed on trophy figure) with control panels to run tests on it after a fight. Accessories include a small ant man suit, a glass cup, a whit cup with "PYM LABS" written on it, two brown books one with "sub-atomic" written on the front the other with "Microverse" written on the front and two black books both with "notes" written on the front (books go between handles on desk), it includes 2 minifigures Hank Pym and Scott Lang

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