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The Medieval Cottage

This is my model of a medieval cottage built beside a stream. I submitted this first slightly over a year ago. It is one of my more impressive medieval builds, containing I would guess slightly over 2000 pieces. The model contains three minifigures.

This model has reasonably simple building techniques, mainly stacking and SNOT, which is what the majority of my MOCs have. Castle has and has always been a very classic theme, and I believe it would be great to see more castle sets.

The colors in this build are primarily light grey, dark grey, brown, tan and sand green. The build has three stories, the first of which is inside a cliff which the others are built on top of, and lies beside a pathetic that leads up to the door. Next to that is a small stream. The second story is built primarily out of light grey, while the first out of dark grey representing rocks. The third story is much more complicated than the others in the building techniques. I built one section of the top layer on hinges, so it leans forward a bit, while the roofs are built using hinges as well. The roof is very tight and compact, very sturdy and difficult to move, so the sides of the roof are places very well. There is also a chimney, with smoke coming out of it.

This model took me about five days to build. I hope you all like it. Also check out my other builds! Please support!

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