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Shantae: Risky's Revenge Tinker Tub Battle

This is a LEGO set based on the video game series Shantae. In Shantae you play as the Shantae who is a half genie half human. Her job is to protect Scuttle Town from evil. With help from her friends and her magic transformation abilities she fights evil like magic monsters, evil scientists, and pirates! This set is based on the the first boss from Shantae: Risky's Revenge known as The Tinker Tub. It uses a large ship piece from an old Vikings LEGO set as the primary part of the build. Its has a build attached to the bottom that can open like a mouth and send barrels at Shantae. It also has a purple cannon that can fire at the heroes. The set also has a build of Shantae's house which is two stories high. The first level of her house has a furnace and kitchen area with a cabinet in the back, some pots and pans hanging from the ceiling and bell near the front door. The second floor has Shantae's hammock and a night stand as well as a rope for Shantae and her friends to climb to get to each floor. This set features four characters being Shantae, Risky Boots, Rottytops, Sky, and one of Risky's Tinkerbet Henchman and includes three of Shantae's most iconic transformations being Mouse, Mermaid, and Elephant. The set also has printing on the sides of the Tinker Tub to represent the eyes the Tinker Tub has. 

I made this set because I think Shantae has a lot of potential as a LEGO set and I know the fans would love to see it happen! Shantae is one of my favorite video game franchises and The Tinker Tub is the perfect boss for the first ever Shantae LEGO set and Shantae's house has a few features that make ig a great companion build to the Tinker Tub. Shantae has multiple different games all of which have potential for sets but Shantae: Risky's Revenge has one of, if not the, most well known first boss in the the series and as such makes the most sense to become a LEGO set.

I think this set would be a huge hit with collectors for the display capabilities, kids for the play features, and Shantae fans for the minifigures, Shantae's house and the iconic Tinker Tub. If this set got made it make a ton of money and would please a lot of fans of the Shantae series as well as LEGO enthusiasts. And with the recent 20th anniversary earlier this year in 2022 there is no better time for a Shantae LEGO set.

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