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Honu Bay Aquarium

Welcome to Honu Bay Aquarium, home of the two story shark tank! You enter Honu Bay through our front door terrace and are greeted by our friendly welcome desk clerk. To your immediate right is our jellyfish exhibit. Behind that we have crabs and fish happily swimming in harmony. To your right is our collection of frogs, turtles, and lizards. Head left to see our hatchery to check out our soon to be newest aquarium members! Now you're facing out stunning two story salt water tank, home to several species of sharks, a ray, octopus, many fish, and lush live coral! Upstairs you can continue to view this enormous tank! You will also you be able to get up close and personal with another ray, as well as some star fish, in our touch tank! We also have some eels hiding in an old pipe! Honu Bay is also home to a penguin encounter! Brr!! After viewing these amazing creatures, head to our gift shop to pick up a memorable souvenir such as a compass, stuffed animal, or trinket box. Next, treat yourself to a delicious snack at our outdoor balcony cafe. For a relaxing end to your visit, sit in peace on our lush rooftop garden sanctuary and think about all the stunning sea creatures you just visited.

My three year old son's favorite place in the world is our local aquarium, so I wanted to build one for us to play with at home! I named it Honu Bay after the Hawaiian word for sea turtle as I had an unforgettable experience of seeing one while snorkeling in Hawaii. I'm not sure who startled who more - me or the turtle!

I think this Lego set is super fun to play with because of all the small details. The different areas are like visiting a real aquarium - will your minifig manage to get past the gift shop without buying anything? Ours can't (nor can we in real life). It's easy to access the different play areas as there is a removable roof, removable second story, and two hinged doors.

This is my first ever submission and I've only been free building since this past October (long time instructions follower through), so I hope you like my submission!

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