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Ariane 6 on ELA 4 - Complete Version

Ariane 6 is Arianegroup's future launcher. It succeeds Ariane 5 which is one of the most reliable launchers in history.

Its first flight will take place in 2024. To celebrate this inaugural flight, I designed this Ariane 6 model.

History of the design of this model:
While searching the internet for models, I came across a MoppeW40k model. He had made a very nice version of Ariane 6. After building it for the first time, I realized that there were possible improvements to the structure and dimensions.
I therefore modified the structure and lengthened the fairing in 2022, going from 1 to 2 Satellites.

In 2022, following discussions with a member of CNES, I worked on the modeling of ELA4 and the ground sections. Which gave this addition.

In 2023, following the publication by Arianegroup of Susie, I decided to work on it to add it to the existing model. At the same time, I decided to rework the boosters which needed to be improved on the dimensions and shape at the head level.

In 2024, following the proposal from the collective including ESA, CNES, Ariangroup and Arianespace, I started from scratch on the model to match it as closely as possible with the version that will be launched during the inaugural flight. The modifications concerned
 - the internal structure,
 - a complete review of the exterior covering to have the right colors in the right places,
 - a redesign of the exterior pipes to position them on the right sides and ensure a better rendering and the right dimensions,
 - the addition of the logos of the different agencies and manufacturers
 - A complete verification of the dimensions of the floors and the fearing.
 - A change of payload to match the 1st mission.
 - New satellites for the long fearing

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