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Rally Car


I am Enzo and I am 14 years old, I am from the Netherlands and I really enjoy building with Lego. This is my first made Lego build that I'm sharing with other people online. This build is a rallycar on minifigure scale, this car is big enough for 1 minifigure and fits perfect on a Lego City road baseplate.

This car is made out of 61 pieces and is a stable build. 14 Studs long, 7 studs wide and 7 studs high. The interior is made out of a steering wheel and 2x2 studs place for a minifigure. The car has a spoiler and small mirrors on both sides of the car, in front of the front window. The back is a tile hight higher because of the suspension (wheel height).

I hope everyone likes my design. Stay tuned for more!

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