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Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Stone Fish Ambush


This LEGO Ideas set is based on one of my favourite Disney movies: Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

Set in the early 1900’s, the film follows a young linguist named Milo Thatch who dreams of one day fulfilling his grandfather’s dream of finding the lost city of Atlantis.

This set is based on the scene when Milo helps the people of Atlantis reactivate the ancient stone fish ‘Ketak’ vehicles and pursue Rourke and his soldiers who have taken Princess Kida and the crystal.

This set builds two stone fish and two of the expedition convoy vehicles: Rourke’s Command Car and the specialised truck used to launch the small ‘planes’ known as Whitmore's Wings.

Set features include:

  • Commander L.T. Rourke, Vincenzo "Vinny" Santorini, Atlantean soldier and an expedition soldier as minifigures
  • Each Stone Fish fires two energy bolts from it mouth, triggered from the back
  • The truck transforms into a Plane-launching platform
  • Pull-back and release mechanism powered by an elastic band launches the plane into the air
  • Rourke’s Command Car features an opening roof and a small gun-turret

The model contains approximately 563 pieces.

Please check out some more sets based on the movie on my page and thank you for your support!

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