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Real Cinema


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there are already many cinemas of Lego, but I have still seen none, showing also real movies.

So I have built with my son a housing in which smartphone can be. And with it you also a good one sounded has, we have built in the case a shaft which ends in the middle below smartphone. For us it was important that you only see the display of the smartphone and it is still easy to expand. You can use the cinema of course without smartphone. You need only the supplied white canvas in the housing insert. 

And from this housing we have built this cinema.


  • you are able to do it with smartphone or without ( we have tested it with iPhone 6) 
  • good one sounded by sound canal
  • 6 windows in the input area, you can form with your own posters
  • 30 seats for your mini figures
  • digitaler projector
  • an old projector with film-incredible in a glass cabinet
  • Staff for ticket control and projector


I hope you enjoy it!

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