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The Office


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i built this M.O.C. to be a play/display set for the office, made by mbc, and to have all of the builds be separate so that fans of the show who buy this set could play/display the builds as close or far away from each other as the fans want, move them around with ease, and could be stored more easily.

the build includes:
the reception desk and an Erin minifigure
accounting with Oscar, Angela, and Kevin minifigures
sales with Jim, Dwight, Pam, Phyllis, Stanley, and Andey minifigures
product control with Creed and Meredith minifigures
Michaels office with a Michael minifigure
and a conference room with no minifigures
and as many easter eggs and hidden references to the show that i could cram in

the build has 751 pieces, 13 minifigures, and took me many months to complete, plus it could be sold as one big set with all of the mini builds featured, or be sold as 2 or 3 sets with the builds split up

hope you enjoy and support!

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