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Saturn V Rocket Apollo Lunar Mission

UPDATE 19.05.2013

a long time has passed and now i can present a nearly completed real model.

There is still a lot to do but i hope you enjoy it.

UPDATE 28.06.2012:

- modified lower part of first stage
- modified fuel tanks of first, second and third stage to get more stability because of the big holes.
- modified the holes to see the fuel tanks and interieur
- added some details like flight computers and fuel pipes
-modified lunar module (just a few little parts)#

Because of the changes the number of pieces raised up again to 3833 in total, but i think its worth because of the details.

If you like the model feel free to share it with your friends.

UPDATE 21.06.2012:

- modified engines and lower part of first stage
- modified fuel tanks of first stage
- modified upper part of second stage
- modified Orbiter, now 3 astronauts in there and its possible to open

over all i saved many bricks... now with three astronauts included there are 3694 bricks.

START 20.06.2012

Years ago i saw the Lego 7468 Moon Mission Set and thought the Saturn V is to small.
Now, that it is 40 years ago the last Apollo mission with a Saturn V started, i build a Saturn V rocket which can carry the slightly modified Lunar Module of the 7468.

Because otherwise it would be to boring i opend stage one and two so the fueltanks are visible. The Orbiter is a bit bigger so one or two astronauts can fit in there.

The model is quite big, but i think its worth because of the big work the Saturn V did on the Moon missions.

At the moment the model has 4135 bricks, with 2 astronauts and one mechanic. But with one or two new bricks there is the possibility of saving a lot.

I hope you enjoy the model and i'm happy about comments, hints, tipps, questions and constructive criticism.

If there are to many mistakes in my english please tell me so i can correct it. I'm not realy brilliant in english ;)

The Orbiter

Stage three with lunar module in it

the size compared to some other lego models

view of a minifig

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