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Having seen people building functioning clocks out of Lego bricks inspired me to design a clock tower.

By using the crank on the back of this model, the hands of the clock function like the hands on a clock, that is, for every 12 rotations of the minute hand, the hour hand rotates once. In other words, turn the crank once, the minute hand turns 360 degrees and the hour hand turns 30 degrees.

This model comes with a the clock tower keeper, Steve. Steve comes equipped with a hardhat, hammer and a wrench. If he can't fix it, he can either pound it with the hammer or throw the wrench in the works! Steve can access the workings of the clock, as well as the roof, via ladders. When he is not fixing the clock, Steve is quite happy to give tours up the stairs of the tower to the second level so people can look out upon the city from a higher vantage point.

Other features I have built into the model include: opening panels on each side of the clock level so that you may open the doors to see the gears and to allow for you to position Steve hard at work or hardly working (as fits your fancy) and roof has an opening "door" allowing Steve access to the roof. There is room inside the tower (with the panels closed) for Steve to be positioned on the ladders or in the clock workings.

This model as designed has 687 bricks. Should one desire a taller tower, due to the modular nature, 2 sets could be purchased to make a tower with 4 levels below the clock level, instead of just the 2 pictured here.

This clock tower could be put in the center or a park for your city, or easily converted into a medieval clock tower.

This model was designed in Lego Digital Designer. I have not built a prototype, as I lack the necessary pieces.

The photo captions are as follow:

Picture 1: main project image taken of tower's front right

Picture 2: tower's back left

Picture 3: tower's front right, panels open

Picture 4: tower's back left, panels open

Picture 5: Ground Level, Steve welcomes you to the tower

Picture 6: Second Floor

Picture 7: Ground and Second Floor combined

Pictures 8 - 12: Various views of the Clock Floor

Picture 13: Ground, Second Floor, and Clock Floor combined

Picture 14: Roof Level

Picture 15: Deleted one wall and filled in the gaps to show interior of Tower.


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