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Robin's Vehicle Collection



Robin is a really cool superhero, but lack of vehicles limits what you can do with him.  Now, introducing Robin's Vehicle Collection!  Three amazing vehicles allow Robin to fight alongside Batman on land, air, and sea.

Robin's ATV has big tires, a red steering wheel, twin headlights, and a sturdy frame.  These things allow him to fight crime in many ways.  So, either if he's fighting the Joker in the streets of Gotham, or chasing Man-Bat through the woods, this is the perfect vehicle for fighting criminals.

Robin's Scuba Jet was originally part of a 2008 Lego Batman set.  But now it is extremely hard to find. :(  So I built a new one using the updated Robin figure and colors.  On the back is a propeller to pursue the Penguin or Killer Croc through Gotham's sewers.

Robin's Jet Fighter is a quick, maneuverable and well-armed vehicle for the skies.  It has two turbine engines for amazing speeds faster than any other plane or helicopter.  It is the perfect air vehicle and can complete almost any task given to it.

Each vehicle has it's own unique set of flick missiles.

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