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Columbo - 403 Peugeot Cabriolet


I made this set by choosing the legendary US Columbo series.
So once again to satisfy my addiction to this type of movies.
I am aware that we are in a different generation, but the intrigue of each episode is incredible and must I speak of this surprising Peugeot 403 Cabriolet, a French production that does not leave me insensitive "cocorico".
A pleasure to reproduce.


In half a century, Lieutenant Columbo's investigations have fascinated several generations of viewers. First broadcast in the United States began in 1968 on the NBC channel. A total of sixty-nine episodes have been produced.

At present, almost 20 years have passed since the making of the last episode.
This police lieutenant, brilliantly interpreted by the late Peter FALK, has practically never left the air, thanks to multiple replay over the decades. A feat that can be explained by the public's attachment to this cult character. The series remains timeless!

It must be said that this cunning investigator exposed more than a hundred criminals.

During the episodes, it is at the wheel of a gray Peugeot 403 Cabriolet that Lieutenant Columbo roams the streets of Los Angeles accompanied by his Basset better known as the "Dog". The condition of this vehicle deteriorates as the series evolves, to the point of having a dilapidated appearance contrasting in a comical way with the often luxurious vehicles of its interlocutors. He hardly ever removes the hood of this Cabriolet.


The set contains 355 pieces in total. I did not want to make a larger set in order to make it accessible to everyone.

It is composed as follows:

  • 1 figurine of Lieutenant Columbo wearing a light raincoat varying between beige and dirty gray, a white shirt and a dark tie.

  • 1 1x2 tile with the Columbo police plate

  • 1 figurine of the "DOG" I used the dog of the series 19 (9) by putting the colors of the Basset.

  • 1 Peugeot 403 car consisting of 349 parts.

The exterior is light gray with a removable dark gray hood and some chrome.
The rear trunk can be opened in order to be able to place there the various exhibits that he will find to resolve his investigations, or why not a box of super market cigars which he loves so much.

The interior of the vehicle is white, with a main bench that can accommodate 2 figures (Lieutenant Columbo and why not his enigmatic wife). The back seat is reserved for his dog. The dashboard is made up of a typical Peugeot 403 counter and a radio.

It only took me two days to design this project. I made sure to stay as faithful as possible to the series.



In 2018, the Columbo series celebrated its 50th anniversary.

If you think this Columbo set has its place on our shelves, do not hesitate to vote for my project and share it with your families and friends.

A way like any other to celebrate Mister Peter FALK!


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