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Tactical Heavy Gunship

This is my completely original Tactical Heavy Gunship that has a completely rounded and angled off tube-like fuselage, so it's not blocky from any exterior angle and has a very smooth gravity reliant roof. For weaponry, if features two missile launchers on the side of the cockpit, 6 different rockets and missile variants on each side, and two heavy cannons on each side to top it off. That's where it gets its name. The interior in the back (where I started the build), was inspired by WW2 submarines in terms of the missile placement on the walls, and includes a very spacious room to sit down minifigs. This is NOT however related to WW2 in any way except for that little bit of inspiration. It also includes two openable back side doors to allow minifigs to enter the back area. 
For a Full Tour Check Out my YouTube Video!:

I built this project because I love spaceships and just their overall appearance, that's where the smoothness of the project comes from. 

This would make a great LEGO set due to its semi-complicated and yet mesmerizing geometric design. It also contains pretty good playability between the spacious back area and cockpit, the openable back side doors, and the ability to slide out and detach the rockets. 

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