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Bionicle: 6 Heroes 1 Destiny


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Gathered friends... Listen again to our legend…
Here, I present to you my idea of a complete set of the first 6 Toa (just built in today's existing parts,
even the gearbox is still functional).

What is in this set?
In this set are all 6 Toa buildable at the same time.

Tahu with his flame sword.

Gali with her hooks.

Kopaka with his ice-sword and shield.

Lewa with his axe.

Pohatu with his upside-down body and feet-additions.

Onua with his claws.

Additionally, there is a little Makuta-Matoran figure.
Each Toa features the arm-swinging function as well as rotating hips and adjustable arms and legs.
Also, all of them have a brick-built version of their classic Kanohi-Mask and their characteristic tools.

Why did I build it?
I wanted to try a different take on the Bionicle IP. Make buildable figures combined with the principle of the classic brick.

Why I believe it would make a great LEGO set?
This project would be a great LEGO set, as it combines the creativity of the classic LEGO building system with the mystical factor of Bionicle.
Because these figures use part-molds that are currently in use in many other LEGO sets, production costs are also not as high as in earlier iterations of Bionicle.
Another plus is the price. Because these figures are smaller and simpler than their oversized counterparts from years ago, the price should be smaller as well and therefore be more affordable and interesting for the younger age groups, that are not just sold on nostalgia.

Thank you for looking at my build.
It would be awesome if you consider supporting it and share it with your friends as well!