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Einherji Fighter from EVE Online

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This ship is a fighter from the MMO game Eve Online.

This ship is from the Minmatar race of the game and is used by carrier pilots. They are fast agile ship that will follow a target till the end.

I think that it would be really cool if lego joined with CCP (Eve Online maker) to create a line of toy for the game. Eve online contains hundreds of ship model and with the upcoming Dust514 game a lot of new models would be available.

I've taken 2 block in width off the main body. The ship is now closer to what it should be.
Lego does not have all the colors for all the block available in store. This means that this model cannot be built using the real life block without looking weird due to the colors that would need to be taken. The only way to see this model is to have 10 000 votes.
I've modified the helm as I was not happy with the earlier version.
I've also added a compartment on the body to store stuff.

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The model as it is, contains 1257 pieces.
You can also download the LDD file here.

The Eve Online screen shot of the Einherji fighter. For more info click Here.

People have been asking to see it on a stand. Here I propose a stand with a plaque containing ship details and 2 place-able block; one is the Minmatar logo the other is the Eve Online logo.

Representation of all the views of the fighter and a zoom on the new helm. The model in this image is the old one with a body 2 block wider.

Inside the helm and it's minmatar pilot surveying the surrounding from the top of his ship. Just behind the helm on the body of the ship is located a storage section containing a riffle, an oil can, a power tool and binocular. The oil can and power tool is because Lego does not have rolls of duck tape...

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