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StarCraft - Goliath & Hydralisk

Thanks for checking out my first Lego Ideas submission! I rediscovered StarCraft not long ago and along with still being an excellent game, it was a great source of Lego build inspiration. I have a feeling there's a lot of overlap between StarCraft players and Lego builders, so I thought this would be worth submitting.

The Goliath uses typical mech building techniques, with the details adjusted to line up with the game's unit design. I used bars with light covers for the shoulder missiles and a combination of axle connectors and pin connectors for the cannons. A diving helmet gave the pilot a pretty good Terran look.

The Hydralisk took more effort to figure out. The body segments are connected with hinges, ball joints, or holders and bars depending on what kind of mobility and security they need and the head sits on a large ball joint piece. The inner jaw hinges on holders and bars built around studs not on top bricks and the outer mandibles are mechanical arms attached to the head by 1x1 bricks with handles.

I'm hoping to keep working my way through some of the different units and buildings from the games and eager to hear any suggestions you all have for things I can try going forward.

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