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Castaway Raft

Ahoy! A ship on the horizon! No, wait... it’s a raft! And it looks like there is a man on board! He’s old and tattered... he must be a castaway!

An old castaway on a handmade log raft. It is overgrown with plant foliage and has one tattered sail. A bucket of tools and a few bottles of fresh water, he can find food on whatever island he encounters. He propels himself with the long sweep oar from his sitting position at the middle of the raft.

is he a pirate? Was he the sole surviving victim of a pirate raid? Is he just an old hermit who is done with dry land?

Only you can decide!

With enough provisions, a small sail, and a sweep oar, you can travel anywhere! (Just don’t forget your pineapple)

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