Product Idea

Hulkbuster (Age of Ultron)

After watched the Avengers Movie: Age of Ultron, I dreaming to have a movie accurate Hulkbuster, so I tried my best to build it by viewing the actual look from the movie, adding more details on arms, legs, body and back, and of coz, the chest and mask can be open and you can see the Iron Man Mark 43 standing inside.

Although my Hulkbuster scale a bit larger when comparing to the Hulk, I still like to see Hulk attack it from behind with the metal stick, just like the battle scene in the movie. The arm can be disassemble by parts, of course, also can re-assemble again as new arm provided by Veronica.

It is quite challenge to design a movie Hulkbuster using lego bricks because we always have limitation by using special bricks, I'm quite happy my project came out a result like this.