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Top Spin


Top Spin

After my project Bumper Cars I considered what else can I build for the LEGO fair. It should again be very colorful, with light function and motorized. Now you can see what I have build together with my son.

This project fits perfectly to the other rides like the big dipper, the carousel and of course my own Bumper Cars. It´s very cool to use the power functions. We have integrate a motor and with your remote control you can do the Top Spin in motion and can also control the lights (light on the top of the ticket house and also indirect lights under the white T). The minifigures are really well secured. Safety first! But it can happen that someone might get sick when the ride becomes too wild. LOL.  

The Top Spin project included 10 minifigures, a remote control and storage for the bags or umbrella.

If you like my project please share it with your friends and of course you can also support. Maybe you have also a look at my other project the Bumper Cars Only a few days left to achieve the milestone. Thank you all for your support, your comments and your suggestions.


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