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BMW 507

Hi everyone, I want to introduce you to my latest work. What you see in the photos is my personal version of the BMW 507 released in 1955 and produced by the German house until 1959. Years ago a gentleman gave me an iron model of this car that I had always kept on a piece of furniture and observed with admiration every time I passed by. Intrigued, I researched the history of this car, from the fascinating line of many years ago, analyzing the drawings from the exterior to the interior. Then driven by curiosity I asked myself if it was possible to create a LEGO version with attention to every detail and faithful to the original. So I tried to create the model in a customized version, trying not to leave out anything, starting from the interior of the bonnet, the seats and all the interiors, to finish with the trunk that opened and with a personalized travel bag inside. Everything was rigorously carried out without the use of computer programs, as I'm not practical and I don't like them. I like to try, make mistakes, try again until I get the best personal result. The Car measures 12 '' (30.5cm) long, 4 '' (12.5cm) wide and 4 '' (10cm) high. I haven't counted the exact number of pieces. If you liked the job and think it could become a future LEGO IDEAS set, push the SUPPORT button. Thank you for your attention and your input and sorry for my English.

Special thanks to the photographer  #nonsolopixel 

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