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Yoda's Jedi Interceptor


Hello everyone,

Here is my rendition of Yoda's Jedi Starfighter from the show Clone Wars. If you Google the ship, you will see that it's a very small variation of a normal Jedi Interceptor, with some resemblance to a tie fighter. Capturing the ball shape, while still having a cockpit, room for R2, and engines, proved pretty challenging in Lego, but I think the end result bears a pretty close resemblance to the ship in the show. The wings even open and close a bit.

This is another Star Wars vehicle that has not yet been done by Lego, so maybe with your support we can add it to the lineup! The set has 250 pieces, including Yoda and R2-D2, a lightsaber, and some other fun elements. The cost would be right around $25-30 USD I think, making it a very reasonable set for production and very similar to the Jedi Interceptor. The popularity of the Star Wars theme and the Clone Wars show should make it a hot seller. Please vote, share, comment, and view my page for a whole lineup of other unique SW vehicles and ships!

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