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Hidden Treasure


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Somewhere in the north is an island.
An island with a lonely tower that guards the entrance to an ancient secret. 
A majestic tomb hidden in the heart of the earth, where an ancient king lies with his legendary treasure.
A legend told from time immemorial, which attracts adventurers, predators… and maybe you?

Front side: treasure and ancient tomb

The model consists of two parts: one front and one rear, both playable.

The front is built in section. At the top we find the ground level, with the tower guarded by guards and surrounded by forest. The tower has a secret passage followed by stairs that descend into the depths of the earth. These lead to a large and monumental underground tomb, built with stone columns and floor. It’s the tomb of an ancient king, whose skeleton sits on a throne surrounded by gold and precious stones. A legendary treasure.

Backside: sea, cliff and adventurers

The backside of the model is not in section. It’s a high cliff overlooking the sea, on which the tower stands. A group of adventurers have come by sea to climb the cliff and attack the tower hoping to find the hidden treasure.

Measures and minifigures

Number of pieces: 2.937
Height: 40 cm / 15,7 inch
Width: 50 cm / 19,6 inch
Depth: 27 cm / 10,6 inch

There are 7 minifigures: 1 skeleton, 3 guards and 3 adventurers.

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