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Galaxy Squad - Singularity Syndicate


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The four teams haven't gathered together for nothing!

A result of the Galaxy Squad's four teams collaborating on a Final Stand against the swarm, the Singularity Syndicate takes each team's core aspects and throws them into a weapon big enough to intimidate any Scourge of the stars.

The contents of the Singularity syndicate
  • The Giant Megaship (658 pieces)
  • The Red speeder shuttle (74 pieces)
  • The Orange Striker shuttle (74 Pieces)
  • The Green Shield Shuttle (116 Pieces)
  • The Blue Strat Shuttle (90 Pieces)

Why did you build this?
I've seen the four teams of the Galaxy Squad separately throughout the whole line, but I wanted to see them all work together as a unified team. As for the big millipede bug, it was built to give the megaship something to compare to in the sense of scale.

Why do you Believe in this?
I believed I should learn from my few instances of earning the milestone of 100 supporters and deliver the best from them. Not to mention that since this was the last of space before Star Wars took over, so I wanted it to go out with a Big Bang rather than a dwarfing whimper!

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