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Eco9er MTron


First Contact:

M-Tron workers are looking and digging for Crystals, an essential element in space propulsion technology. While the mobile M-Tron platform is mining and collecting the crystals, Eco9er is searching for new deposits when… What in the world is that? It is definitely artificial. It looks like an alien artifact. Ensign Danielle Broussard has a suspicion. It may be a stasis field from an alien civilization, maybe an archaic civilization?

Eco9er Idea

There are a total of 3 Eco9er versions reminding different past space themes. Here you have the M-Tron version. You can check out the following other versions here:

Eco9er Classic Space Link

Eco9er Blacktron Link

The Eco9er M-Tron model is not a remake of a past M-Tron model, but it shall remind of the past M-Tron models in a next generation look. Check out the video to see the details. It is a presentation of all 3 versions of Eco9er.

The Set:

Eco9er (spelling: eco niner) M-Tron, like the Classic Space or the Blacktron version, is about first contact and consists of 3 models: The Eco9er buggy, a mobile repair/drilling trailer with its hydraulic platform and attached crane and an alien artifact. Furthermore 2 modern M-Tron astronauts and 1 alien.

The approx. amount of bricks are:

Eco9er buggy:   121 bricks

Repair vehicle:  157 bricks

Container:            49 bricks

Alien artifact:      80 bricks

Total:                    411 bricks (including 1 cord and 3 magnets)

Price tag should therefore be around USD/EUR 45. The amount of bricks could be lowered making some changes to the container and the magnets could be replaced against mechanical arms. It would make the set even cheaper but it would loose on the essence of M-Tron. No new bricks/colors used!


Eco9er buggy: The detectors can be detached and the hose clipped to the buggy. The detector holders fold towards the inside if no detectors are placed (changing the looks of the buggy). Cockpit opens up and the radar moves.

Mobile repair unit: The trailer can be towed to the Eco9er buggy. The trailer has a fully functional crane, which moves in every direction. The control cockpit of the crane can also rotate in order to offset movements of the crane. Furthermore the platform can move sideways and upwards. The control panel for the hydraulic platform unfolds. For heavy work the stabilizers may unfold securing the mobile repair unit on the ground. On the back of the crane there is a drilling device attached. It can be exchanged against the magnet on top of the crane making a powerful drilling machine out of it.

Alien artifact: The artifact seems to be some kind of a stasis field as an alien life form is sitting inside. The glass cockpit opens up like a flower to reveal the alien. Furthermore the artifact has some landing feet which enable it to stand up as well.


I hope you like it and vote for it. Share and tell your friends as well as spread the word. Maybe you like the Blacktron or the Classic Space model more. It would be very helpful to read your comments. Tell me which one of the three models you prefer and tell me in which color you would like to see it and maybe… Keep an eye on updates!

P.S. If you haven’t seen my other proposal “Lego Pueblo”, check it out and take a look at the updates. It shows how the project evolved. You may like it.