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Long life to wrist watches!
A long life starting from mechanic jewels to the digital era. 
In this creation I represent a brief history of watches through a gold mechanic watch and a classic digital wrist watch.
Both are exposed on a refined stand made in white parts and glass.
The first wrist watches appeared in 19th century as a jewel dressed by rich people, such as the queen of Naples. Nowadays our wrists support super tech watches, little but powerful computing platforms that are able to control many aspects of our life.
The yellow made watch reproduce  a gold wrist watch, a sort of jewel that has widespread conquired the interest of women since centuries. 
The digital one represents the innovation that took place in 80ies, strongly pushed by asian producers, and also represents the present and future of wrist waches, such as modern smart watches
The creation is a sort of decorative object to use in your home, supported by an elegant stand made by white and transparent parts. Transparent parts permit to switch the creation in the desired direction and to mantain the aesthetic performance. 
I used a particular construction technique to make the wristband and I changed the colour to create very different effects. The yellow one is something clearly elegant and impressive, the black one is a much more common stuff.

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