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Climbing Hall

This construction is a climbing hall made of 2964 bricks. 
It is composed of two buildings assembled with technic pins based on a baseplate 32X32 and 16X32.
In the first part, we found the reception with a desk where people pay entry, a counter to buy something to eat or to drink.
Then we have the changing room with toilets, showers and lockers. So you can be ready to have a good time by climbing and refresh yourself after your sport session.
Upstairs, there is a bouldering room where climbers can warm up, try some difficult exercises. Bouldering is a good way to improve the climbing technics.
The second part of this construction is the climbing hall in which we can find in a corner a climbing wall  and in the middle of the hall, there is a climbing tower. 
These two climbing structures have different ways, with more or less difficulties, tilts. Ways are symbolized by the color of climbing holds.
There is a lot of windows in this construction, it is important to have enough light.
I decided to make this building because I wanted to combine my two passions and because climbing becomes more and more popular and it will be for the first time, in the Olympics games in Tokyo.

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