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Pete's Short Tales


Pete's Short Tails are the adventurous Tales of a very curious and clumsy Little Bunny that sometimes behaves just like a kid...or is it the other way around?

Legos has always been part of my growing experience as a child. Now as a full time dad I often find in Lego sets a way of comunicating and educating in a fun creative way.

Thats why I belive that  Pete's Short Tails can be a good resorce for all those parents trying to conect with there children.

Suitible for boys and girls, "PST" will have a "moral" and " educational" content that might help parents to comunicate with there kids but in a fun way. Because parents do need help.

Every playset might include a small bed time story comic book inside. Some old time habbits should never be forgotten and lost.

And of course Pete is an addorable little fella! everyone can easily relate to him a love him forever.

Next step? Mass production...well thats what Pete would want.

So as Pete always says...."I love Carrots" crunch!!!



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