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Mk. II Pegasus Shuttle and Alien Interceptor


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Daring adventures await this ace star pilot, with the Pegasus Shuttle and Alien Interceptor! The vessels are capable of both deep space flights and planetary surface missions with their Transforming Designs.

The cockpit of the Mark II Pegasus Shuttle can open to house a single pilot, and can easily manuever on plantary surfaces or transform into a flying vessel with its Folding Wing design.

The Alien Interceptor comes with two extra-terrestrial pilots both able to be placed into the vessel, and is equipped with a Dual-Rotary Pylon, allowing its outer ring to twist and transform into a single wheeled vehicle, or back into a flying saucer.



This is the second attempt for the Pegasus Shuttle. And for those around to remember, the shuttle was based off off a toy that I had when I was a kid. Despite its rather simple design feature, the folding wings brought seemingly endless fun, and sparked my imagination as a child. The Alien Interceptor, is a completely original design. Based off of old flying saucers and UFOs, with the added feature allowing it to also have a land and flight mode, mirroring the human design.

I hope to see these designs flying through the stars and exploring the depths of space, and engaging the imagination of all who build with it! I hope to have your support in this venture!

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