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Dark Rhino T-1 2000


The "Dark Rhino T-1 2000" is a spaceship mainly used in races, but in times of need can become a battleship.

It helped Delta Bravo and The Shark Mech take down the Ralguds.  The Ralguds appeared from a huge cave located in the Arctic, and began destroying villages, towns and eventually cities.  The monsters had very thick skin and were able to spew explosive chemicals from their mouths.  The army wasn't able to destroy them with anything.  Then Delta Bravo was made to combat the Ralguds.  Delta Bravo was capable of killing a Ralgud within minutes, but the Ralguds kept attacking, and in large numbers.  They had to call in Dark Rhino T-1 2000The Shark Mech, and others to help Delta Bravo, and they were victorious in killing all the beasts.

The design of the ship is based very, very loosely on the Super Star Destroyer from Star Wars, and the Klingon Bird of Prey from Star Trek.

This is a resubmission of the original Dark Rhino T-1 2000.

Please support this if you would like to see this making it onto shelves.

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