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Great Big Mining Truck

Like big yellow stuff ? How about the biggest truck there is - these carry 400 tons, have tyres 4 metres high and 3,500 horsepower engines. At 20 studs wide, the model is roughly minifig scale.

Think of it as part of a notional 'City Expert Builder' range - with realistic looks and functions yet minifig compatible. It bridges a gap between the Creator and Technic themes.

It's not based on a particular model; the styling is generic for the type.

It's functional - the chassis is made with classic Technic and features working steering, a little reciprocating engine (a V8 because the V20 or so these machines have wouldn't fit...) and a tipping truck bed. It's robust and playable - great fun to mess around with. The tipping bed will work well even with a significant weight in it, the steering is strong and smooth-acting with a generous lock and no clearance issues and the engine makes a nice noise.

There's also a fully remote controlled version, using new Power Functions motors - an M for steering and two XLs for drive and tipper operation.

The 'City Expert Builder' range might look something like this, below; but this project is really for the mining truck which would be the range's flagship.

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