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Lego Observatory


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Hello and welcome to my next project.

Lego Observatory

Just because I love the Stars and you like my NASA Lunar Rover I spend
the last month with my Observatory.

The Observatory would have 2 telescopes.
Each telescope would have its own tower/dome.

Both domes would be openable and turnable.
The left one: complete openable.
The right one: a part for the telescope and the backside for the minifigs.

The "Big Tower" on the right would also contain some computers,
a desk, a greenboard and a coffeemachine.

The middle part would be the "Visitors Reception Area"
There you can find:

2 Desks, Magazines, small Museum, cold Drinks and so on.
Just look a the pictures: There is a lot to discover.

Outside the Observatory I placed some plants, trees and a stonegarden.

Hope you like it too.

I have never seen a Observatory like this before.


Please leave a comment what you like are not.
Help to improve this project.

Thank you so much


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