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Stone Fireplace


This is my second project, and I have decided to create a stone fireplace.

As you can see, the design is not too complex. It is shaped a bit like a mountain with two small stone pillars at the front. The back is mostly straight, and it has a dark gray chimney on top.

The fire can rotate 360 degrees as shown in some of the images, so it can be turned on or off. This feature can be accessed by rotating the black gear at the back. When it is on, it simulates a bright warming fire burning over a stack of wood. When it is off, the fire disappears and all you see is the wood and a gray background. 

I have also decided to add couches and a carpet in front of it for a living room style. The fireplace, carpet, and couches are all separate, so you can arrange it in any way you like.

This set could be a cool decoration that you can put pretty much anywhere in the house. It would also be perfect for Christmas.

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