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Stableboy's Adventure Game


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It's time to grab a saddle and mount your steed, because the stableboy wants you to join him for an exciting new adventure!  Only the bravest adventurers will be up to the task...  Do your medieval minifigures have what it takes to dodge the obstacles on the dangerous path ahead?


What is my project?

As far as I know, Lego has never made an obstacle course game before.  So, I thought that this would make a good idea for a Lego set!  It is a fast paced single player game with a cool medieval atmosphere full of nature.  You must dodge the obstacles as they move past you, giving the feel that your horse is galloping along the path.  



Here are some functions I included in this build:

  • The barrel (log) nearest to your horse and rider lets you control them.  Turn it to make them go left and right so they won't hit any obstacles!
  • Turn the 2x2 brick (located above the ladder on the side of the model) to switch the battery box on or off.  The battery box powers the XL motor, which rotates the tracks.
  • You can easily access the battery box by removing the wall that conceals it.  The ladder doubles as a handle bar, so just pull on it to remove the wall and get to the battery box!
  • The model's two speed transmission lets you play at an easier, slower setting (1), or at a more challenging, faster setting (2).  To change speeds, simply turn the spear so that it points at 1 (easy), or 2 (challenging).
  • You can also turn the spear to the middle position, called neutral.  In neutral, you can freely rotate the tracks by hand in order to replace or rearrange some obstacles, or bring your horse and rider to the start line.  The motor doesn't drive the track when it's in neutral.  This allows you to freely spin the tracks around by hand when the motor is off and even when it is on.  Thanks to the neutral setting, we are freed from the hassle of turning the battery box on and off again to get the tracks in just the right spot.
  • A hinged wall lets you easily access the stable's interior.  The interior is illuminated by an orange crystal, while a blue crystal gives light to the horse's stalls.  This is made possible by the cleverly hidden power functions LED lights.  Glow-in-the-dark pieces help the model stand out at night, including, glow-in-the-dark mushrooms, glow-in-the-dark candles, and glow-in-the-dark tiles hidden beneath the gold coins for a dramatic effect.



The game includes three characters:  The adventurous stableboy, the brave princess, and a mysterious caped rider.  There are many secrets for them to discover in the surrounding landscape.  Will they find the stable's secret treasure, hidden beneath a removable floor panel?  Why is there a dagger hidden amongst the ruins?  Is the caped rider a friend or foe?  

I think this model will provide hours of lasting fun.  After you build and play the game, it remains new and exciting because you can rearrange obstacles or build new ones, so the course is different every time!  It's also fun to see how many laps you can go (starting from the start line, marked by the two gold flags) without knocking off any obstacles.  Challenge a friend to beat your best score, or try beating it yourself!  

I appreciate any and all support!  Thank you!

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