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Reef Explorer


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Explore the reef in the "R.E. 10-000" looking for treasure! The RE (Reef Explorer) is able to glide across the water as well as look for wrecked ships on the ocean's many colourful reefs. However, it doesn't only stick to the reef - it is designed to be able to dive up to 10,000 feet! It has powerful lights to find its way in the dark chasms deep below the surface, to explore the unknown!

This set contains 192 parts including the octopus.

The set is made up of:

  • The reef (35 parts) - Images 3 & 4


  • The rocks (77 parts) - Images 5,6 & 7


  • The "R.E. 10-000" submarine (27 parts) - Images 8 & 9


  • The wreck (50 parts) - Images 10,11 & 12


  • The octopus (3 parts) - Image 13


The wreck can double as an above water pirate hide-out if you swap some things around. I will post photos of it in an update.

I will also upload additional photos of the model in another update. 

I would change some of the parts and colours if this becomes a real set, because I didn't have all the right parts.

If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see next, or for updates on this set, please leave a comment.

I hope to be making more sets soon!

You can see my other projects here.

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