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Lego Aztec Tomb

This creation is a design of an old Aztec tomb and temple, which has been partly destroyed. The model is created in an 'exploration' theme, and the temple itself is built to give a 'ruined' look. The set includes:

- The temple
- 1 explorer minifigure
- 1 skeleton minifigure
- 1 gold-colored tomb
- 6 lego 2x2 round bricks (rocks for trap)
- 1 2x2 square printed tile (map)
- 1 backpack
- 2 lego 1x2 gold bars
- 6 gold lego coins
- 3 lego transparent gems
- 1 mineral brick (gold)
- 1 lego rope (brown)
- 1 machete
- 1 broken sword

The temple has two built-in traps: one on the wall, that can be pushed inside the temple ( image 3), one on the roof, which uses a technic '8' pin to hold the trapdoor with the rocks (see images 4/5). The temple is built on one simple 16x16 plate. The treasure (see points 8-11 above) can be held with the skeleton minifigure inside the tomb, or can be scattered around it. The rope accessory( point 12 above) can be placed on the 1x1 green round brick (see image 6), or can be used as another trap, such as a tripwire. This set will encourage you to make up your own stories, using your own imagination.

Thank You!

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