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Mars: Life in the Dome

Welcome on Mars: life in the dome! Look at the sky of mars from your home in the dome, have a coffee in at Mar's Bar or go exploring in your Mars Rover. The build is modular, there are 2 dome halves, 2 curved terrain builds and 4 modular living units. The set is about 1000 pieces, has 4 Minifigs and a Rover. I believe this set is a good compromise: not too big, not too small.

I wanted to build a large Mars Dome playset after watching some gameplay from Surviving Mars, a game where you have to build a community on Mars. But building a dome out of Lego is hard! Especially if you want to put in the orange windows and hexagonal design and don't want it to be bulky. So I ended up making a cutout of a dome which made the build a lot easier, except for making a sturdy bridge like design. So the supports did have to go in on 1 side of the dome.

Have Fun!

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