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UFO – Alien Impact


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The Story

One day like any other, it must have been at the beginning of the seventies, Mr. Smith, a widower living somewhere in the nowhere of the Midwest, drives home from the mall with his fairly new, yet already oil-leaking pick-up truck. As he heads for his small house, he can already see a trail of smoke soaring from his neighborhood. Maybe just a camp fire that got a bit out of hand, he calms himself, not having the slightest idea about the actual cause...

Then he sees it right away, not being able to believe his own eyes: A UFO has crashed directly into his house! Nearly frozen in terror, he parks his pick-up mechanically in the lot and approaches incredulously the scenery. It seems like the UFO has been flying way too low and has therefore overseen the telegraph cable, so that it got entangled and collided with the house's rooftop.

After having digested the first shock, Mr. Smith fishes with shaky fingers for his front door keys, but as he climbs up the stairs to the veranda, a sustained squeaking noise comes from the UFO, and as Mr. Smith turns around, he turns as pale as death: The dome of the UFO has opened and the head of an alien slowly appears over the hatch, staring Mr. Smith right into his eyes, right into his soul.

What's going to happen next? What's the reason for the alien's visit on earth? Is it alone, or is it the vanguard of a whole UFO fleet? Is it well-disposed, are its intentions innocuous, or is it up to some mischief? And what's more: Will Mr. Smith's household insurance compensate the damage entirely, or are UFO impacts explicitly excluded in the general terms and conditions? Questions upon questions...

The Build

The build consists of:
  • Fully furnished house
  • Damaged telegraph lines
  • Oil-leaking pick-up truck
  • Intergalactic UFO
  • Humble Mr. Smith
  • Mysterious alien
  • Mighty rattle snake, frisky cat and curious blackbird
  • ... and many more accessories

The Pitch

This, my second build, is meant to be more of a scenic display model than a play set in the end, having the basic potential to be also played with though, as the house, the UFO and the pick-up truck are completely independent sub-models. As far as I can remember, there never has been a comparable set available that portrays the sudden clash of a human and an alien, so I therefore decided to create this little diorama-like build – it's as simple as that.

If you like it or have any kind of thoughts about it, please don't hesitate to express yourself, I'd be delighted to receive your support or to read your comment!

Thank you very much for your attention and always keep an eye at the sky
Baron von Barron

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