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Assassin-Class Battle Cruiser

The Assassin-Class Battle Cruiser is around 1000 pieces, give or take, and took about 6-8 hours for me to build. It is 27 inches long and 11 inches wide. It has 7 swiveling blaster batteries in all. It has 4 medium hyperdrives, 4 heavy hyperdrives, and one extra-heavy hyperdrive. I'm sorry about the not-so-great photos because of my camera, but every vote counts. Think of your vote as one out of 10 or 100 instead of 1 out of 10000 and you will feel more into the voting process. It has a stand that folds in and out of the cruiser.

Below is a rear view of the cruiser.

Below is a view of the cruiser with the stand folded in

Next is a direct side view of the model

Here is a front view of the model

Submitted on September 23, 2012

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