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Space Family House

Hey guys, this is my family house.

I took inspiration from the old yellow house from Lego creator, then I fused it with an old Lego house that I created a long time ago with all my pieces, and in approx. 12 hours.

Anyway, this house is structured in three completely playable floors, that are secured with only a few buttons so the children can simply remove it.

I've designed all the walls so that is not possible to remove a piece of the wall by mistake.

You can open the two big windows on the floor to play inside it, there are also stairs to go on the roof, like a realistic house.

The first floor has four room. One for the teenager, one for the twins, one for the parents and a bathroom. Every room has a color theme.

The parent's one has a bad, a lamp, a bedside, and a library. The theme is green and white.
The twins' one has a bunk bed and wardrobe. The theme is dark green and brown
The teenager's one has a bed, a library, a desk, some books on it, a pc and a rotatable chair. The theme is blue, light blue and orange. (Easter egg: are the colors of my room)
The bathroom has a shower, a sink with some drawers and a toilet.
There's also a balcony with some chairs, a table, and a deckchair.

Then, on the ground floor, there's a sofa and a tv (Theme red)
There's a kitchen, with all you need in a real one and a table. The theme is blue and white.
The last room was invaded by the teenager, he installed a tv, his console, his shelf with his videogames and obviously a Lego diorama. (there's not a theme *wink* )

On the outside, there's a bbq, a wooden table and chairs, and a little vegetable garden, all connected with a path alternate light gray and dark gray.

I've called Family Space House because I really love the old Lego space theme and because I didn't integrate it in and because I didn't integrate it in any way I decided to give this little symbol to the house (and to the sweatshirts of the Minifigures).

I hope you enjoy!


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