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Lilly of the Valley Passenger Train

Based on one of "Roger's" first locomotives ever made, (AKA The Roger), "LILLY of the Valley" is a fictional express train I've invented. I was originally aiming to recreate the "Roger", but couldn't fit that name on the tender. I eventually came up with "Lilly" and liked it even better. "LILLY" and her coaches are completely detailed and decorated for the period. This particular trainset is wider than your typical trainset and in turn has up to scale inner and outer detailing. Innyards include: opening fireplace and cargo door in mail coach. Posable lamps in mail coach as well. Removable roof on all coaches. Two rows of seats in passenger coach, capable of holding two minifigures side by side in each row. Sleeper coach has four bedrooms and standard jean-sown quilts on beds. Train fits on standard Lego track and links with standard Lego trains. I don't suggest putting the coaches on any other trains though because their size and magnificence is likely to over-power any Lego trains you have currently. My "Lilly" on the other hand is sized for standard Lego train sets.

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