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Armed M-Tron Cargo Carrier


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   M-tron and Blacktron are fighting once more. M-tron is trying to keep the three power diamonds safe while he brings them to his boss, but Blacktron has other plans. So Blacktron tries to talk M-tron into giving them to him but that fails. Then they began to battle it out. Who will win?
   I built this because of my love for the old space lego sets. I also hope that it might influence Lego to make them again. This build could also help us remember Legos past and see how much they have grown.
   M-tron, Blacktron and a giant spaceship, who wouldn’t love it. I bet anyone who got this set would have a great time with it! I always was a big lego space guy, so I hope that it gets 10,000!

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