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Batman: Blackest Night Grave


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After the dead of Batman, Wonder woman came to give her condolence, but suddenly Batman attack Wonder woman. Soon after Batman put Wonder woman in a device, where he can turn her into a zombie by the blackest ring. The purpose of the device is to hold Wonder Woman down, but leaving one hand open for the blackest ring. You can save Wonder Woman by helping Green Lantern build his motorcycle, and stop the Blackest Batman from doing this by the flick fire missiles on Green Lantern's motorcycle.

The project's minifigures are (Blackest Night)Batman, (NEW 52)Wonder Woman, (NEW 52)Green Lantern 

The project's vehicles is Green Lantern's motorcycle

The project's main set is Batman/Bruce Wayne's grave

The project's features are flick fire missiles from Green Lantern's motorcycle, Batman/Bruce Wayne gate opens, Grave opens when push down, Wonder Woman's device open and locks when figure is in.

Project was made by creator50010

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