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Drawing Hands (M. C. Escher)

This is a double-sided work based on Mr. Escher's famous hand painting. Although I copied famous paintings with LEGO, I used a different method. I used a double-sided viewing method. The front hand and the side hand drew each other, and expressed Mr. Escher's thoughts in a three-dimensional way.
I use bricks with different slopes and lengths to create different shapes

The brush is expressed in green. The tender green is the thumb, the blue is the index finger, the light blue is the middle finger, the yellow is the ring finger, the light pink is the little thumb, the red is the wrist, and the white is the shirt. I used a lot of 4070, which can achieve the effect that one side is white and the other side is another color. The tips of two pens appear in two spaces at the same time, which is the trace of this space being painted.

Draw by hand. Draw by yourself. Therefore, a whole is divided into two directions to see and draw itself in another space.
I think my works are full of interest. You can see my works by comparing them with the paintings of painters.

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