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The Lighthouse Lookout modular


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Hello and welcome to the lighthouse lookout. Here is an old lighthouse, anyway many people are hungry after climbing up old stairs to have a look at the rest of Brick City so, the first floor is a cafe that sells coffee, burgers and fries. The second floor is a boat workshop where we have a nice bunch of boats to take a look at. And of course the third floor the roof is a lighhouse where you can look at the whole entire city. The figures have to make an appointment to go there. The build in total has 912 bricks including 5 minifigures a girl, boat owner, restraunt employee and other random people. The reason why I built this project is becuase Lego needs a seaside modular. Then the second reason I submitted this project is because I think it would make a great set. I hope you like it and bye for now!

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