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Rifugio Cima GELO

After a long excursion, on paths that wind between rocks and precipices, here we are at the longed-for peak, where we find a welcoming refuge: "Rifugio Cima GELO", still covered in winter snow.
Located at 2,575 meters above sea level. Around us only silence and a fantastic 360° panoramic view.

Rifugio Cima GELO represents a typical Alpine refuge. The more observant will find an easy acronym in the name.

These typical buildings, now much frequented by tourists, were instead born out of necessity in isolated and difficult to reach points at high altitudes, with the important task of offering hospitality and shelter to hikers.

The building is structured on two floors: Downstairs there is the dining room with cozy fireplace, kitchenette and basic bathroom. On the upper floor there are two guest rooms: one with a bright window overlooking the valley, while the other is furnished with a wood stove.

The two levels and the roof parts are all removable.

The Minifigures we find are hikers intent on taking selfies and are preparing to enter for refreshment after the long walk. Inside we can find the refugee, the cook, and some guests.

The set also includes a small sled bike, the only means of transport that can carry the necessary supplies to the shelter.

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